About me

My road to sculpting was quite irregular, in spite of the fact that I have been studying for this career since my childhood.
— Ágnes Nagy

I was born on 30th June in 1973, in Budapest. My road to sculpting was quite irregular, in spite of the fact that I have been studying for this career since my childhood. Until I was 13, I attended the Medgyessy Ferenc sculpting workshop led by the sculptor Gábor Szabó in Pestújhely.

In 1990, I acquired a profession in ceramic moulding in the Art Primary School on Illatos Street. With early enrolment approved by the director,

I continued my studies in the Secondary School of Visual Arts also known as the Secondary School of Fine-and Applied Arts of Budapest, “Kisképző”.

In 1994, I graduated from the secondary school, and earned a certificate in leather craftsmanship. Meanwhile, every Saturday afternoon, I went to the art camp on Százados Street to sketch in Gábor Szabó’s studio which meant a real intellectual workshop to me. Here I could absorb the atmosphere of classic studio and art. Sometimes we also went to visit my teacher’s father, Iván Szabó sculptor and the studios of other artists who were living there. Even then, this world has already had a strong influence on me. I come from an intellectual family. In addition to his work as an engineer and managing his company, my father has become a registered collector during these years.

My mother had a great impact on me by her inherent, great taste and sense of beauty. In addition to our trips and the swimming pool, we used to go to exhibitions, galleries and art auctions. I grew up with my sister in a home furnished with good taste and filled with a lot of valuable paintings, books and albums.

I married on 17th September 1994, and our first child was born on 30th June 1995. After I postponed my studies, I painted a lot in this period;

I designed and made sculptures, statuettes and plaques for orders. However, my life took a different turn. 

On 30th July 2005, our second child was born. At first, painting was an obvious choice in the months that I spent with my child at home, but later, when I was commissioned for an exhibition I found sculpting again and the unique style that still characterizes me. The framework of my life is made of my work, sculpting, and it is able to hold me on the ground as much as it is able to take me away from reality both in years with difficulties and trials and the happy and successful periods of time.

I didn’t choose animals, they were the ones who found me and refuse to let me go for now.

My sculptures are realistic but also transformed as they carry symbolic meaning. I have a strong pursuit of independence, and my work is also characterized by freedom. I strive for uniqueness with a form of expression that is only my signature. At this point, I can take advantage of the disadvantage resulting from that I haven’t finished my academic studies, because nobody’s style has left its mark on me. No one makes such sculptures in Hungary except for me. The method of execution is also unique: My Mediterranean potteries, that I loved making in my childhood, gave me the experience and routine for the technique I also apply today. Actually, it was the source of my idea according to which a sculpture can also be made like this, and it requires nothing, the fireclay can hold itself due to a good static concept. 

About my husband: he is an economist, he has been present in the Hungarian economic life with his work for 25 years. He has been working in high-level management position. Besides his responsible work, I get a great deal of help, support and love from him so that I could work as independently and freely as possible. He is interested in high literature, history, old books, engravings, maps and flying.